Friday, November 9, 2012

Number 19 Progress...

Work is continuing on Sumpter Valley Railway number 19. The new firebox sheets are going in, the fireman's side reinforcing plate for the boiler check has been replaced, and the boiler is almost ready for tubes.

The old boiler check patch has been removed, and the area has been cleaned and the boiler shell is being dye checked for cracking.

The new patch has been rolled to match the boiler diameter, and it is being test fitted prior to drilling.

The boiler contractors are checking the internal fit of the new reinforcing plate.

With the cab floor removed it was possible to remove the last of the mudring rivets.

 The new plate being drilled out on the railroad's refurbished drill press.

The new patch is being bored out and aligned prior to riveting.

Hot riveting is underway on the fireman's side.

The last rivet is being driven home.

Both the front and rear tube sheets were also cleaned and dye tested to check for cracking. Both sheets are in very good condition and required only minimal repair.

The new boiler tubes are ready to be installed.